Texas DPS Program

Txsurchargeonline.com is a website run and maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Under government regulations, the department is mandated to enforce and regulate vehicle laws in the state and provide assistance for drivers, and this website was designed specifically to provide such services.


It gives drivers in Texas access to their prevailing surcharge accounts and pay for the fees online. Note that the surcharge does not include the fees involving suspension and other administrative matters. The service is free, convenient and always available, with no need to stand in line.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer 5 and up and other popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. If you have any problems accessing the website, download the latest version of your browser. Do not disable SSL or cookies because you won’t be able to use many of the site’s features.

Access Requirements

You will need the following:

  • A computer with access to the web
  • Your ID card number or driver’s license
  • The surcharge notice letter (to be specific, you need its reference number)
  • A debit or credit card
  • Bank account (savings, checking or from the money market)

Now follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.txsurchargeonline.com
  2. When you get to the website you’re going to see a button labeled “Online Services”. Click it.
  3. You will see fields for your last name, birthdate, zip code and the ID card or Texas driver’s license. Enter the appropriate information.
  4. Double check your entry to make sure they are correct. Click “login” so you can view the information.texas surcharge

You have the option of paying the full amount immediately or pay in installment. If you opt for the latter, check your remittance voucher for the amount due monthly and the due date as well. If you settle for the installment plan, a reminder will be sent to you every month so you won’t forget.

The fact there are multiple payment options show how convenient the service is. What’s important is that as soon as you receive the initial surcharge notice you should pay either the traditional way or via the site mentioned above. In terms of convenience and availability the website is the better option, and you can also login using your smartphone or tablet.

With the services provided at txsurchargeonline you no longer have to be inconvenienced when it’s time to pay. Rather than go to an office and stand in line, you can just go to the site and the payment will be processed automatically.